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Since its on-field debut back in 1993, FIFA has provided the number one outlet for Football simulation to every generation of gamer since.

The evolution of the FIFA series has brought the most realistic and authentic football experience that video gaming has to offer, creating countless moments of magic since its inception over two decades ago.


FIFA 17 (PC)

FIFA 17 is the next in line entry to the football simulator franchise that fans all over the world are crazy about. To please the active player base, EA upgraded the graphics with the Frostbite Engine as well as brought in some new gameplay mechanics to make the game a step up from their previous title. Corners and penalties got a lot more complex in FIFA 17, which will separate the highly skilled players from the rest. Finally, the AI system got a lot smarter with the Active Intelligence System. This system will make your computer enemies much more cunning, and will bring a unique experience in the genre.



FIFA 18 (PC)

In the next installment of the most successful sports game of all time, FIFA 18, the story mode "The Journey" from FIFA 17 will be continued, including new characters and a brand new storyline. The Journey: Season 2 is meant to deliver a more innovative gaming experience and will be better connected with the popular Ultimate Team mode. Beyond that, the FUT mode will continuously be improved, same as the general gameplay and graphics. Speculation calls for the addition of new leagues and all their teams - the booming football leagues in China and India might be featured in FIFA 18.


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