Introduced in 1994 as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the Warcraft series has grown to be one of the most expansive titles and was the basis of the well-known MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

Boasting six expansions, a worldwide fan base and a big screen movie adaptation, World of Warcraft is in a fantasy experience that has to be seen to be believed! The MMORPG has just had its latest expansion released, titled Legion.


World of Warcraft

Your journey to Azeroth begins here! World of Warcraft is an experience like you've never seen, providing an adventurous MMORPG experience for any level of gamer. Immerse yourself in a world beyond your imagination and handle your enemies without fear. An infinity of experiences awaits you! Join millions of players worldwide in an epic title that will feed your hunger for PvE and PvP content alike.


The titan of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft is the game that brought the spotlight to online gaming. Ever since its release in 2004, the game has been growing to become one of the most influential titles the world has ever seen. Many people developed addictions to playing the game, so you can see how it pulls you in its vast and rich fantasy world, and you don't want to leave it ever again.

World of Warcraft has 14 races and 12 classes to choose from, offering great variety, with many classes having multiple roles to choose from as the game features the "holy trinity" role system, the damage dealer, the tank, and most importantly, the healer. When you choose your race and class, you are set free in the massive, fantasy world set in the Warcraft universe, that has dragons, flying ships, werewolves, time traveling and steampunk machines! World of Warcraft delivers some of the best-crafted worlds in the gaming history, with amazing lore to support it. As you do quests and go through dungeons, you will get to know many of the iconic characters of the game, which you can either aid or fight, depending on which side you've chosen. Yes, the game has two factions that always end up fighting each other, the Alliance and the Horde. Every race has their own starting area, and every faction has its major cities, so that won't affect you too much.

If you've never played an MMORPG before, World of Warcraft is probably the best game to start with, as you may never leave it once it pulls you in. From the great MMORPG mechanics and features that were polished for over ten years to amazing storytelling and rich lore, World of Warcraft still stands as one of the best massively multiplayer online roleplaying games that you can get your hands on!

World of Warcraft - Legion Expansion

The Burning Legion has made a frightening return in the new expansion to World of Warcraft. Traverse the Broken Isles with the brand new Demon Hunter class and explore the Ancient roots of Azeroth. It's up to you and your friends to unify the order and seek salvation. Explore the new class halls, and see your class-specific Artifact weapon grow in power. Legion brings back iconic characters such as Illidan, and the astonishing Warcraft lore continues to flourish.


World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Legion, is bringing back some old foes and new, tragic moments.

Thanks to Gul'dan, the treacherous orc warlock, Azeroth is once again being invaded by the demonic forces of the Burning Legion, so the Alliance and the Horde need to work together to overcome this sinister threat that can destroy the world if not stopped!

This expansion is clearly aimed at veterans and older players of the game, as right at the start you're introduced to some major events with some of the game's most iconic characters. Newer players will probably get confused with so much stuff going on at the same time, so even though purchasing Legion gives you a free character boost to level 100, never players should probably play the game from the start to get a grasp of what's going to happen later.

The level cap has been increased 110, and you can grind it out fairly quickly, but the quest that Legion brings are one of the best ones from Blizzard yet, as they are meaningful and they tie in with the pace of the story brilliantly. The dungeons of this expansion also tie in with the progressing story quite well, and they are also quite more complex and rewarding, as they require coordination and team play to finish.

Even though the game is running on a modified engine that's 12 years, the new zones look absolutely amazing, and each of them clearly represents the theme of the zone, so you'll know where you're at as soon as you take a look around. The addition of Artifact weapons is also welcome, as each class has the ability to wield one legendary weapon, be it the Ashbringer or the Twinblades of the Deceiver for the newest Demon Hunter class. The Demon Hunters are the agilest class in World of Warcraft yet, as they're able to double jump and even glide through the air. They focus on speed, making them great at initiating fights quickly. Only elves and blood elves can take on the dark legacy of Illidan Stormrage and wield the chaotic Fel energies!

World of Warcraft: Legion is an excellent expansion that brings some great story narrative with masterfully done quests, the best we've seen so far from Blizzard!